Cooking Without Looking

By Brian McCallen, LightHouse guest blogger and volunteer

Cooking Without Looking is the newest television show in town just for the blind and visually impaired.

The blind and visually impaired cooks stir up their most tasty dishes, including “Phil’s Fabulous Gourmet Meatloaf” and “Celia’s Easy Cheesy Potatoes.” Not only do the chefs describe how to cook the best food, but also tell viewers how to stay safe and have fun in the kitchen. The third segment of the show: “Food for Thought,” gives blind viewers information about resources they can use. In an informative episode, host Annette Watkins interviews David Evans from the National Foundation for the Blind about NFB-Newsline. It’s the famous service that lets the visually impaired listen to top-rated newspapers just by picking up a touch-tone phone and calling their toll-free number.

Cooking Without Looking previously aired exclusively on WXEL-TV channel 42, the PBS station in West Palm Beach, Florida. I spoke with the program’s parent company, Vision World Foundation, and they said that the show’s gearing up for another run on the Cooking Channel (Comcast Cable channel 182) in the near future. Premiere dates are later to be announced.

In the meantime, you can check out past full episodes and recipes at:

So stay tuned for Cooking Without Looking! It’s easy, delicious, and most of all FUN!

2 thoughts on “Cooking Without Looking”

  1. My 5 year old is visual impaired and has become a huge fan of cooking shows. Her visual specialist at the school board gave me this web site and suggested I contact you to find out if there are avenues for participation.

  2. Hi Kaela,

    Thanks for writing! You’ll want to contact the Cooking Without Looking people themselves. I would start by going to the Vision World Foundation website (the address is in the above blog post)and contacting them directly. Good luck!

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