Reminder: LightHouse Providing Navigation Information for Temporary Transbay Terminal

On Saturday, December 11, the Temporary Transbay Terminal will launch Phase II of its development. Bus drop-offs and pick-ups will now be established throughout the duration of the existence of the temporary terminal.

The LightHouse is partnering with the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) to provide enhanced accessibility and safety information about the terminal to blind and visually impaired travelers. Individuals who held off on getting orientation and mobility for the terminal and its surroundings until this phase should now consider contacting the LightHouse.

Certified Orientation and Mobility specialists can provide information, guidance and route training at no cost (by appointment). All Bay Area blind and low vision travelers should consider this training, which includes the opportunity to learn about alternatives to BART, trip planning from Greyhound, taxi pickup locations and Paratransit transfer sites. The LightHouse will also continue to provide Braille and tactile maps of the temporary terminal and its immediate surroundings.

For one-on-one instruction with a Lighthouse Orientation and Mobility Specialist, please call 415-694-7302 or email us at

Order Braille and tactile maps of the terminal by calling 415-694-7302 or emailing