How To Read In The Dark – Podcast

The next LightHouse Technology Seminar, How to Read in the Dark, was held on December 3 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., PST. We featured information about the iPad, digital book readers, how to download digital books from the National Library Service, electronic Braille books and more.
Download and listen to the podcast.

One thought on “How To Read In The Dark – Podcast”

  1. I have some comments about the reading in the dark podcast.

    I listened to several podcasts on the nls dtbm. The regional libraries send
    cartridges to patrons to update the dtbm firmware. You can also download the
    firmware and update the dtbm yourself. I’ve updated my dtbm twice since I got it.

    The safely Remove option is intended to prevent the SD card from becoming
    corrupted. I know of this happening to people. To fix the problem, you have to
    reformat the SD card. When you do this, all of the content on the victor
    reader stream is gone. this is from the victor reader stream faq:
    Q. Is there anything I can do if the Safely Remove Hardware option is not in my
    Windows System Tray?
    A. The Safely Remove Hardware icon may be hidden. Press Tab on the Desktop to go
    to the Windows Start menu button and then press Alt+Enter to open the Task Bar and
    Start Menu properties dialog. In the properties dialog, ensure the check box for
    “Hide Inactive Icons” is not checked.

    I would recommend the Solona tactile screen protectors for the Ipad, Ipod touch
    and Iphone. I have the ipod touch and the tactile screen protector has
    enhanced my experience with a touch screen.


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