Say Goodbye to Google 411, Hello to Bing 411

Google shut down Google 411 on Friday.  This directory assistance service had very accurate speech recognition and even connected you to the requested number for free. It was very popular in the blindness community.

Luckily Microsoft debuted it’s own free directory assistance last year called Bing 411.  It has even more features than Google 411 had. Bing 411 provides news, weather, sports, stock quotes, traffic reports, movie times, and more.  When using Bing 411 for directory assistance it will text you the requested phone number or connect you to number for free.  Give Bing 411 a try at 1-800-246-4411.

One thought on “Say Goodbye to Google 411, Hello to Bing 411”

  1. hundreds of blind people use the bing411 daily and this is a service that they would be willing to pay for

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