Internship Opportunity: Grant Specialists for EPA/Federal Career Intern Program.

The FCIP is a two year trial program. During this period you will be eligible for health and life insurance, retirement and leave and other benefits available to permanent federal employees. While in the program you will receive formal on the job training and developmental opportunities to acquire competencies identified by EPA and documented in a written Developmental Plan. Continuation in the program is contingent upon satisfactory performance and conduct. Upon successful completion of the two year trial period, you may be eligible for conversion to permanent status.

As a grant specialist, you will be responsible for: visiting projects sites to evaluate recipient assistance management systems and to provide advice and technical support, making final determination on difficult assistance management questions and corresponds via site visits, telephone, and written correspondence with recipients as appropriate, monitoring all allocated grant funds and informs program office of states use of funds, meeting with key headquarters and regional program officials to provide expert advice on financial and administrative issues.

To find out more, go through the listing on the official federal government job site,

Create an account and apply to position RTP-R1-OT-2011-0005. You will have to create an account or sign in to make the job available for viewing.

If you have a Schedule A letter for employees with disabilities, be sure to contact the Schedule A Hiring authority for the EPA.