Internship Opportunities: Young Blind STEM Experts

There has been a lot of buzz around STEM lately.  The acronym, which stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math, refers to United States’ policy initiatives that have sprung up to encourage education and workforce development in those fields.

Below you will find two opportunities for high school and post secondary students to gain high-level experience this summer. Blind students who are interested in space travel, astronomy, the science of defense and other STEM fields should apply!

The US Department of Defense Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program

SEAP places academically talented high school students with interest and ability in science and mathematics as apprentices in Department of Defense laboratories for eight weeks during the summer. These students work with scientists and engineers who act as mentors. The program offers students a unique and positive experience in their fields of interest, thus encouraging them to pursue careers in science and engineering. There are more than 35 Navy and Army laboratories currently participating in the program. For more info, go to

Enter the SOLAR System With NASA

NASA has set up a web portal called the Student On-Line Application for Recruiting Interns, Fellows and Scholars. When you fill out the apllicaiton in the SOKAR system, you become part of an applicant registry for summer jobs at NASA. Jobs are available in many different states and dwithin many different departments of NASA.