LightHouse Joins the BORP Revolution

Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program, better known as BORP, is gearing up for their 2010 Revolution, a bike ride up to 100 miles through spectacular countryside. It happens this Saturday, October 16th, in Sonoma.

Riders will include folks with and without disabilities, many of them powering through as teams of two on tandem bikes. Besides having a great outdoor adventure, the riders’ goal is to raise funds for BORP—whose programs support disabled athletes and weekend warriors with disabilities.

The LightHouse is proud to say that two of our visually impaired board members—Gena Harper and Chris Downey—will be Revolution cyclists.

Chris had this to say about his upcoming ride:

“For some time now, life has been as fulfilling and exciting as it has ever been. In my mind, however, it all goes back to the confidence and joy that I experienced that day the wobbly spin [on my tandem] calmed down into the smooth and familiar excitement of cycling and life in general. Participating in the BORP Revolution is my way of expressing my gratitude to BORP for helping me to continue to enjoy my passion for cycling with my new disability.”

Find out more about Revolution or get involved in BORP programs at BORP’s website.