Wifi Isn't the Only New Thing at the LightHouse

We want the LightHouse to be your third place.

In The Great, Good Place, author Ray Oldenburg talks about society’s third places as being “anchors” of communities that are distinctly different from our “first” and “second” places (home and work) and that facilitate broader, more creative interaction. He suggests that the hallmarks of a third place are that it’s free or inexpensive, offers food and drink, is highly accessible and proximate, involves regulars, is welcoming and comfortable and is a place where friends, new and old, can be found.

We’re working hard to make the LightHouse your third place. Though we don’t have a barista on staff, yet (smile), there’s plenty going on that might make you want to hang out with us:

Free, lightning fast wifi all over the building. You can now visit us and get comfortable with your laptop in the various nooks and crannies of the building. No matter where you are, your signal strength will be strong. Just ask the receptionist for the access code.

Oysters and beer. This month, the LightHouse will kick off its first homebrewing class, where you can make and bottle beer. Classes are fully accessible and all bottles will feature Braille labels. Thanks to Rogue Ales for their support in offering this new class! Additionally, we’re planning a trip to the Hog Island Oyster Farm in October. Participants will learn about Tomales Bay ecology and sustainable oyster farming, and everyone will shuck their own oysters! As we add new classes and opportunities like these, education and access are the top priorities, along with fun. To be a part of these new offerings and programs, learn about them first by subscribing to the monthly LightHouse News. Sign up at www.lbvi.staging.wpengine.com.com.

Friends, fun and fitness. On November 20, we’ll launch Team LightHouse, a group of dedicated supporters who will sign up to walk, jog or run the San Francisco Half-Marathon on February 6, 2011 in support of our Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa. Team LightHouse members pledge to raise $100 for every mile – that’s $1,300 each – to benefit camp. Who needs a New Year’s resolution to get fit? Join Team LightHouse today and work your way up to the half-marathon through the complimentary training program offered by our partner Marathon Matt. Make friends, get fit, raise money. Learn more by visiting http://bit.ly/teamlighthouse.

Meditation. When you’ve had enough oysters and beer and you can’t run anymore, the LightHouse also offers the chance to slow down and breathe deeply. Starting on October 5, every Tuesday evening from 5:30 – 6:30, the LightHouse will offer a Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation class designed to help you relax and keep your mind and body flexible (suggested $5 donation to attend). If you’re new to yoga or meditation, these classes at the LightHouse can be a great way to get comfortable with the process in an environment with built-in access. From here, you can build the confidence to continue your yoga or meditation practice in your own community.

Please Touch Community Garden. Have you ever noticed the vacant, trash strewn lot on Grove Street in San Francisco, in the very shadow of City Hall? Our neighborhood deserves better. Over the next year, this lot will be transformed into a beautiful urban arts garden, to be planted and maintained by LightHouse program participants and members of the blind community. Spearheaded by local artist Gk Callahan, the garden will be unlike any other in the area – unlike any other in the nation. Stay tuned to the LightHouse web-site to keep up with the latest developments.

What else can we do to make us your third place? Better coffee or more of it? More places to sit? More classes? What kinds? Let us know at rrusso@lighthouse-sf.org. We want to hear from you!

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  1. The homebrewing class is one of the best things going at the LightHouse. Last night, while a new batch of Oyster Stout simmered on the stove top, Hog Island Oysters accompanied the bottling of Kölsch, brewed with hops grown in the Please Touch Garden. The mood was laid back and mellow, everyone in a good mood.

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