Love to Read? Grab a Victor Reader Stream and Go!

This fall, the LightHouse will offer training on using the Victor Reader Stream for adults 55 and over. The Victor Reader Stream is a portable, handheld device that provides the user with access to downloadable books, including those from National Library Service (NLS); audio files (music, podcasts, etc.) and the ability to record messages. Participants who successfully complete this class will have automatic access to a Victor Reader Stream for personal use. Says instructor Leah Gardner, “If you’re an avid reader and want to increase your access to audio and text materials, this comprehensive class will insure you do so efficiently and effectively.”

Victor Reader Stream 101
First offering: October 11-22
Second offering: November 29–December 10
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
(with a break for lunch).
Contact: Leah Gardner, 415-431-1481 for participation eligibility and registration.

5 thoughts on “Love to Read? Grab a Victor Reader Stream and Go!”

  1. I already have my own victor stream and haven’t had the time yet to fully utilize it. Since I am in Milwaukee, WI is there any portion of class offered on the internet. If not, could you advise me of any other helpful, friendly resources that might be able to help me “get going” with my victor stream?
    Thanks in advance, and LUV your site!
    Rose Fortney & Clyde the Guide

    1. Rose, we would be happy to connect you with some resources in your area. Please call us at 1-888-400-8933. Thank you for following our blog!

      Resource Center Specialist at LightHouse San Francisco

  2. as a graduate student who is poor, ligailly blind and 25 years old, i think i need the victor reader as much as other people.

    1. Thank you for writing Onder.

      You are certainly right. The vocational rehabilitation office in your state should be able to help you with this. You are welcome to call me and discuss other options. My number is 415 694-7363.

      Resource Center at the LightHouse San Francisco

  3. P.S. Rose,

    In addition to local programs, you might try contacting Hadley School for the Blind at 1-800-323-4238 or the Carroll Center in Newton,MA (617) 969-6200. They offer on-line courses.

    –Amber DiPietra
    Resource Center Specialist at LightHouse San Francisco

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