Want to Have Faster Access to Your Snail Mail?

The LightHouse received news of  a possible service for scanning hard copy mail or mail by post.  Take the survey below to add your input on how the service could best suit you.


Mailsurity in collaboration with Even Grounds is planning to start a service which will allow blind and visually impaired people to receive their mail electronically. Through this service, paper mail will be scanned and processed electronically, so the users will be able to read their mail online.

Users would also be able to receive their original mail, together with Braille and large print copies if required.

We would like to ask you to fill in a short survey to help us shape this service according to the needs of future users.

Before the service will be offered, we will meet federal guidelines on privacy and security issues.

Please note that this service will initially only be available in the United States.

You can find the survey at: http://evengrounds.com/mail-survey

Visit Mailsurity website to learn more about what the company already offers: http://www.mailsurity.com/