iBill is now at Adaptations!

In an effort to continue offering the latest and greatest accessible technology, the LightHouse now offers iBill at Adaptations ($99.00). The iBill is easy to use, discreet, fast, accurate and extremely convenient. “Orbit Research has once again demonstrated its commitment to the development of breakthrough technology and products that make a direct and measurably positive impact to the daily lives of the community we serve,” said Michael Nolan, President of Orbit Research. LightHouse staff and partners agree that the iBill is best of its kind and stands alone ahead of its competitors. Features of the iBill include:

  • Ultra-slim and compact “key-fob” design – 3.0 x 1.6 x 0.7 inch
  • Attaches to key-ring or lanyard
  • Recognizes all US bills in circulation (including the new $5 bill)
  • Instantaneous response – most bills are identified in less than a second
  • Can recognize banknotes in any orientation.

Visit Adaptations today for a demo! For more information, contact Sam Rodriguez at srodriguez@lighthouse-sf.org.