20 Years of the ADA Means 20 Free Bookshare Downloads! Sign up by August 1st.

High school and college students, as well as students-of-the-world and avid bookworms in the LightHouse community, know that Bookshare is a great source for reading materials and textbooks. And, if you are new to Bookshare, now is the perfect time to sign up! In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Bookshare is offering a special deal.

Visually impaired readers and readers with other disabilities are invited to register for a free Bookshare membership good for 20 book downloads per month for 3 months. The promotion begins on August 1 and runs for 30 days. This free trial creates an opportunity to try accessible books without an up-front commitment to a yearlong membership.

This is a great opportunity for blind researchers on a budget, back-to-schoolers who need to get ready for the coming semester or visually impaired seniors who have not yet taken advantage of all the digital reading options out there.

Happy ADA, and thanks, Bookshare! http://www.bookshare.org/_/aboutUs/2010/07/ada20Anniversary