Podcast: I'm Not Blind, But I Can't See, Low Vision Seminar with UC Berkeley's Dr. Robert Greer

Podcast of low vision semianr a thte LightHouse on July 23, 2010, presented by Dr. Robert Greer.

I’m Not Blind, But I Can’t See:

How a Low Vision Examination Can Maximize Your Useable Vision

This seminar is part one of the Be Informed: Making Choices to Move Forward vision education seminars for older adults (ages 55 and over). These seminars are designed for people who are experiencing life changes and challenges because of a significant decrease in vision, and will highlight options for daily living that can assist you in moving forward as you adjust to your changing vision.

What is the difference between a low vision examination and eye health care treatment provided by an ophthalmologist? Why might a low vision examination be right for you right now?

Join Dr. Robert Greer, O.D., Chief of Low Vision at the UC Berkeley Low Vision Clinic as he engages the audience in dialogue about how the supportive and practical benefits of a low vision evaluation can make all the difference in maximizing your useable vision and enhancing your independence.

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  1. Hello.. I am e-mailing for my husband, Igor. We attended one of your Seminars on low vision exam with Dr. Robert Greer and Dr. Marlena Chu. At this seminar we were given Dr. Caskey’s name whose office is in Santa Rosa. Could you kindly give his office address and telephone number or e-mail address? Thank you very much. Sincerely, Elizabeth Kolombatovic

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