Send the LightHouse Nominations for Historic Blind Role Models.

The LightHouse needs community nominations to help name many of our cabins and structures at Enchanted Hills Camp after important blind role models in history.  Many people have never heard of James Holman, the intrepid 19th-century blind traveler, and many people do not know that Laura Bridgeman preceded Helen Keller by several generations.  Blind history is rich with lost stories of strength and capability and we’d like to enhance Enchanted Hills Camp by honoring our blind forebears’ contributions with Braille and print building signs.

But first we would like to be sure we solicit the maximum number of suggestions from our community during this enchanted Hills 60th anniversary year.  Our requirements are simple:

1.  The individual must not be living.

2.  He/she should have made their contributions while being blind, rather than becoming blind only after a notable career.

3.  As the signage will be placed in our camp, we’re particularly interested in people who have led lives of exploration, be it in the natural world or elsewhere, but who exhibit curiosity, self-actualization and character.  Blind inventors, artists, leaders and people who have otherwise made worldly contributions are what we’re after.

4.  We’re looking for blind role models throughout history from many cultures, nations, languages and would like to have roughly equal numbers of male and female individuals.  But Californian role models would be especially welcome.

To submit names for consideration, please call Amber at 415-694-7363 or email us at:

Nominations will close July 31st, 2010, so send us the names of your valued individuals and a few words about why you think their name should adorn a special building at Enchanted Hills Camp today.