Recap of LightHouse Technology Seminar on Apple Accessibility

75 technology enthusiasts attended the LightHouse Technology Seminar on June 11th to learn more about the latest universal access features on new Apple products, including the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and OS X VoiceOver.

Apple representatives discussed the out-of-the-box, assistive technology solutions which make the iPad and other Apple products a viable option for blind and visually impaired users. What’s really significant is that whether you are low vision or blind, you can now make calls, text, send emails and use other Apple applications without purchasing additional software.

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Though we are unable to provide a podcast of this seminar, you can refer to the following resources for the information that was discussed.

For information on Apple’s Accessibility, visit the “Accessibility” section of their website at:

For a video tutorial of Voiceover, visit

Brailled OS X VoiceOver manuals can be ordered from the LightHouse store at

The following links are provided by NBP

Using the Accessible iPod (iTunes 9 Ed.) Anna Dresner
Adult Books: Computers & Technology
iTunes 9 edition! Anna Dresner details how to use the new talking iPod and the iPod Shuffle, and also provides enough information about iTunes to help people new to the program use it effectively.

The following links are provided by Top Tech Tidbits

The Mac-cessibility Network is a good site to follow for news about all things Apple and accessibility.

Their latest Mac-Cessibility Round Table podcast discusses the new iPhone upgrade and operating system.

Apple announces the Release of Mac OS X 10.6.4 with Braille Display Improvements and more.