Webinar for Blind Job Seekers and Rehab Providers, The Hadley School for the Blind. May 28.

Seminars@Hadley Presents: What Research Tells Us About Obstacles for Blind Job Seekers & How They Overcome Them
Date: Friday, May 28
11:00 AM CDT, 16:00 GMT

Consumers, rehabilitation providers and employers each have distinct but overlapping opinions, perceptions, and experiences concerning success and best practices in employment of persons who are blind/visually impaired. An overview of major barriers to employment will be explored, along with strategies recommended for overcoming those barriers.

This hour-long seminar will be presented by Dr. Adele Crudden and Ms. B. J. Lejeune, both with Mississippi State University Rehabilitation Research & Training Center, and moderated by Billy Brookshire, Hadley’s consultant in Texas. Additional time will be provided for questions and answers.

As always, listening to the seminar remains free of charge. There is a US $25 fee associated with completing the seminar for credit (1 CE hour). Professionals interested in receiving continuing education credit will be required to successfully complete a quiz and brief survey before a certificate is issued. (ACVREP approval pending)
To register for this seminar, please follow this link.