Visually Impaired Person Technology User Conference by the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired: May 22, 2010

Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired announces the Visually Impaired Person Technology User Conference (VIP TUC). The VIP TUC this year will focus on smartphone technology for the visually impaired. Smartphones are the wave of the future, and the wave is crashing around all of us right now. Keeping pace with the latest technology innovations (such as the touchscreen technology being incorporated into all the newest devices) and understanding how such technology is accessible to the visually impaired is a critical success factor for anyone with a vision impairment. Beyond all that, it’s really cool and a lot of fun. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience for yourself what all the buzz is about and how it might enhance your quality of life.

The VIP TUC will feature presentations on: 1) the latest wireless touchscreen smartphone accessible technologies, such as those incorporated in the touchscreen Google Android operating system, the touchscreen Apple iPhone operating system and other smartphone operating systems; 2) user applications for the visually impaired on Google, Apple, Samsung, Nokia and other smartphones; 3) special services offered by AT&T, Verizon and Sprint to the visually impaired; and 4) a keynote discussion on the future of mobile smartphone technology for the visually impaired by Mike May, CEO of the Sendero Group and Peter Cantisani, Technology Consultant. The VIP TUC will also offer attendees the opportunity to participate in user group sessions on: 1) smartphone screen readers, 2) smart phone navigation devices and 3) mobile book and text readers. A unique element of the VIP TUC will be the separate breakout user group sessions to focus on the accessibility features of the Google Nexus One smartphone, the Apple iPhone, Nokia smartphones and Samsung smartphones. The VIP TUC includes all this and an exhibition hall where vendors will be able to describe in detail these smartphone and related technologies.

For more info, email or call (650) 858-0202, ext. 102. You can also RSVP by contacting Rosa Mussallem, the registration coordinator, directly via email at, or by calling her at (408) 297-1612.