The LightHouse is proud to host The Mega Program: Self-Defense for the Visually Impaired. Join us Saturday October 24!

Hi Everyone,

I have been working with Stephen Nicholls and Alan Gutsell, founders of the Mega Self Defense Program.This prgram is specifcally designed for the blind/visually impaired, and the LightHouse is proud to be hosting a free seminar on Saturday October 24th from 3pm to 6om. The program which has been featured on the BBC radio program, InTouch, is becoming very popular in Europe. You can hear Stephen’s interview on the BBC here:

This will be an introductory seminar, and we hope to have regular classes at the LightHouse in the future. We need your presense and feedback on October 24th to help train martial arts instructors who are being certified to teach the program. Stephen is always looking for the opportunity to meet visually impaired students who are  interested in becoming martial arts/self defense instructors, so if you are interested please come to the LightHouse on the October 24th to meet him.

We hope to see you here. See the attached flyer or below for more details. Contact me if you have any questions or want to sign up!


Self-Defense for the Blind and Visually Impaired

The LightHouse is proud to host The Mega Program: Self-Defense for the Visually Impaired. This program was developed specifically for the visually impaired. It began in London, England, and has been featured on the BBC radio program InTouch. This is the first time a Mega Self-Defense seminar will be taught in the United States. The founder, Sensei Stephen Nicholls, is flying from London to teach the seminar. We hope that you will participate!

The seminar will cover:

Threat Recognition – Mental State – Body Posturing – Tonal Indication

Substance Abuse – Threat Analysis – How serious is the threat?

Threat Response – The Law – Common Sense in self-defense

Involvements with the police – Witness Statement

Recording an Incident – How do people perceive you?

How do you want people to perceive you?

Principles of aggressive behavior – Physical self-defense techniques

When: Saturday, October 24th, 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Where: The LightHouse, 214 Van Ness Avenue
Cost: There is a suggested donation of $5

For more info contact Philip from the LightHouse.

Call 415-694-7372 or