The LightHouse Infocus Summer 2009, As I See by Anita Shafer Aaron, Executive Director

The LightHouse Infocus
Summer 2009, Volume 11, Number 2

Thank you for reading this newsletter. As a vital part of the blind and visually impaired community, the LightHouse is dependent on the gifts of our many supporters. Gifts, at any level, are always appreciated and have a positive affect on the community. For information about donating to the LightHouse, please call us at 415-431-1481 or e-mail us at

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As I See It
By Anita Shafer Aaron

Photo: Volunteer Mike Ring works with client Elisa Serafini

The economic downturn has meant for the LightHouse a 20% decrease in funds available for operations, beginning in this current fiscal year and projected to extend at least through 2010. In tough economic times, we focus on shoring up our core programs and services rather than expanding our reach to include the still vast majority of individuals who do not yet know about our programs for living with vision loss or have not yet reached out to avail themselves of them.

To ensure no cuts to services as we trimmed one-fifth of our budget, we have consolidated two satellite locations, merged two camp sessions at Enchanted Hills Camp, reduced the number of printed issues of our constituency newsletter from ten each year to four, placed a freeze on staff salaries and pension contributions and reduced every operating line item in the budget.

As a part of our strategic plan, we are committed to exploring ways to involve each and every one of you in community networks that will engage those of you experiencing vision loss and your sighted counterparts in working together to create a culture of community interdependence for all of us, one neighborhood at a time.

In sum, we’re lean and mean and still here. We need your support more than ever and look forward to working with you to develop a giving strategy that will lead the LightHouse through hard economic times. In this issue of the InFocus you will find glimpses of our youth internship program, examples of how we work with the community to develop alternatives to print publications and a sneak peak at our upcoming Insights Art Exhibition.

We’re still here because you are still here.

The Infocus Newsletter is Changing
To further save paper and counteract the effect printing has on our environment, we are consolidating our InFocus and Lantern newsletters into a single entity. We promise to offer the same coverage of news, events, people and personalities that are significant to our community. Look for this change in the next issue.

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