Testimonials about accessible voting machines in the 2008 election.

AAPD and the US Government Accountability Office are looking for testimonials about voting in the 2008 Elections.  The power of real stories from real people is undeniable and will be very important in upcoming conversations about changes in voting technology.

We are particularly interested in stories of people who were able to vote privately and independently for the first time using accessible systems where they exist.

If you or someone you know has a story like this please send it to vote@aapd.com  as soon as possible.

About the Disability Vote Project
DVP works in a non-partisan manner to eliminate the barriers to voting and, in close collaboration with coalition partners in states around the country, to increase political participation for individuals with disabilities. DVP aims to get people with disabilities registered to vote; strives to educate them on how to get to their polling places and what their rights are at the polling places; and works to make polling places accessible to voters with all disabilities.