LightHouse Lantern headlines for August 2009

The Lantern – August 2009
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Photo: The new Louis Braille
Commemorative coin is now available at Adaptations, the LightHouse store! (image shows front and back views of the coin).
This year the United States Mint will offer 2009 Louis Braille Commemorative Coins. These coins will honor the inventor of the Braille System of reading and writing used by the blind and visually impaired. They are released in 2009 to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth. The new coins were authorized under H.R. 2872 Louis Braille Bicentennial Braille Literacy Commemorative Coin Act. This legislation provides for the production of up to 400,000 Silver Dollar commemorative coins during 2009. Read more at or visit
In the Lantern:
1. Adaptations to Stock BookSense
2. Magnification Sale at Adaptations
3. Join the LightHouse Bowling Team
4. Free Concert Invites Kids to Engage with Music
5. Californians with Disabilities Can Apply for No-Cost Jitterbug Phone
6. Reading RSS
7. Paratransit Fares Go Up
8. Committee Helps Report Eureka Pedestrian and Transit Concerns
9. Bartimaeus Bible Conference Scheduled for September
10. Martinez Confirmed as ODEP Assistant Secretary
11. Landmark Communications and Video Accessibility
12. Legislation Introduced Access Board Issues Guidance on APS
13. Italian Museum Lets Visitors Experience Art Through Touch
14. Many New Job Openings at the Internal Revenue Service
15. Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco, Benefits and Employment Workshops for Summer 2009
16. Swap Shop
17. LightHouse Calendar
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