Monthly Saturday Yoga Series at the LightHouse: Spine and Breath


Presented by Gabbriella & Nancy 3:30 – 5:30

Saturday, August 8, 2009 at 214 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco

CREATE NEW & IMPROVED MOVEMENT OF THE SPINE – with movement and our beautiful breath. The spine needs movement to lubricate the joints and provide nutrition to the spongy disks between the vertebrae….during movement, to feed and lubricate discs properly, it’s necessary to reverse the curvatures for brief periods of time, and breathe into it….which specific back care yoga postures do gently & wonderfully.

We will learn to EXPLORE the breathe deeply as we Move with our spine – when we hold our breath, we hold tension. Quiet, introspective breathing alters the sympathetic/parasympathetic nerve signal balance to the arteries and veins…allowing increased circulation to tissues whose vessels are constricted during times of stress. This means to stretch the back muscles to lengthen the spine and creating more space for the breath, vertebrae and disks.