Governor Schwarzenegger signs budget plan, additional cuts to IHSS, public health and sneior programs


SACRAMENTO, CALIF  (CDCAN) [Updated 07/28/09  12:55 PM (Pacific Time)
Calling the budget solution to close a $26 billion deficit “the good, the bad and the ugly,” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed this morning (July 28) the revised budget bill approved by the Legislature last week that includes over $15 billion in new spending cuts on top of what was in the 2009-2010 State Budget passed in February.  The spending plan makes deep cuts to education, health and human services, local government, state employees, the state’s prison system and also includes no new tax increases beyond the temporary tax increases that were included last February.

The Governor, using his line item veto power, made additional major cuts in spending including reductions that eliminate all State general funding for several programs, including those under the Office of AIDs, under the Department of Public Health and major cuts in spending to two senior programs under the Department of Aging (Linkages and Senior Community Based Programs) and also to In-Home Supportive Services and Child Welfare Services.  The additional cut to IHSS essentially eliminated the exemption of persons under protective supervision, persons under paramedical care and persons who receive over 120 hours of IHSS per month from having their domestic and related services eliminated if their functional index ranking (different from “functional index score”) is lower than “4” in that specific service.