Many New Job Openings at the Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service is currently undertaking its largest hiring initiative in recent memory.   This year the IRS is hiring hundreds of revenue agents, revenue officers, tax compliance officers, customer service representatives, and others.  Hiring has already begun and will continue over the next several weeks and months.  Interested applicants should check the website for current postings.

Working for one of the world’s largest and most diverse financial organizations has its advantages.  Employees receive one of the most comprehensive benefits packages offered anywhere, including these great benefits:

Locations across the U.S.
Health and Life insurance
Portable Retirement Savings Account
Immediate accrual of annual and sick leave
Paid holidays
A challenging career where you will benefit from superior classroom and on-the-job training from day one
Work-life balance

We have plenty of job opportunities available for individuals with backgrounds in business, economics, law enforcement, information technology and, of course, accounting.  Here are some of the opportunities available:

Internal Revenue Agents work with taxpayers, attorneys and CPAs to determine the tax liability of small businesses and the tax-exempt status of organizations.  (Job Series 0512)

Internal Revenue Officers perform investigations, collect delinquent taxes, secure tax returns and work directly with taxpayers and businesses. Revenue officers are proactive decision makers in charge of protecting the interests of the Federal Government and the taxpaying public.  (Job Series 1169)

Criminal Investigation Special Agents are universally recognized as premier financial investigators who combine accounting knowledge with law enforcement skills to investigate such financial crimes as tax evasion and money laundering.  (Job Series 1811)

Tax Examiners give taxpayers the answers they need.  They review returns for accuracy, respond to inquiries on a wide range of tax issues and provide electronic services for the growing number of taxpayers who now file their tax returns electronically. (Job Series 0592) 

Contact Representatives work as the public face of the IRS, taking direct actions to resolve taxpayers’ issues.  (Job Series 0962)

Information Technology (IT) Specialists work on long-term modernization programs while maintaining the IRS’s current operating system’s effectiveness.  The IRS has one of largest, most diverse IT organizations in the world.  (Job Series 2210)

Economists are IRS’s financial experts.  Economists use analyses and research to directly advise agents and attorneys in other departments of the agency on various economic issues and tax cases.  (Job Series 0110)

Tax Law Specialists provide expert advice on a wide range of corporate tax and international tax law issues.  Specialists provide expert technical tax advice and education through outreach activities for tax exempt organizations.  And, Tax Law Specialists interpret the tax code and regulations to produce annual tax forms and publications.  (Job Series 0987)

Tax Specialists assist taxpayers by conducting outreach programs for individuals and have the opportunity to work through state and private partners who deal with specific taxpayer segments.  Outreach includes communication and training programs that promote IRS services, products and recent tax law changes.  (Job Series 0526)

This is only a sampling of the job opportunities available at the IRS.  Job vacancies specifically for the IRS are posted at

There are three simple steps to get started with USAJOBS – create an account and a resume, search for jobs online and apply online.  It’s that easy!

We also utilize special hiring authorities for interns, persons with disabilities and veterans.  We truly are an equal employment opportunity employer, and encourage all individuals to take a look at the positions we have to offer.

Detailed information on our organization, our positions and our application process can be found at