Tomorrow on KQED, LightHouse Speaks about Service Animal Problems in San Francisco

Jessie Lorenz, LightHouse Director of Public Policy, will be on Forum (KQED 88.5) tomorrow at 9am to discuss this recent SFWeekly article about the complex issues around guide dogs, nontraditional service animals, and the concerns affecting perons with varying types of disabilties.

Listen to the show and call in or email with your comments and questions.

The podcast will be posted at this link tomorrow afternoon.

One thought on “Tomorrow on KQED, LightHouse Speaks about Service Animal Problems in San Francisco”

  1. Jessie,

    I was very discouraged to hear your comments on the forum recently.

    People with Psych issues can have dogs that are task trained. I train dogs for people with Psych Issues—-The dogs are trained to alert to panic attacks, respond to panic attacks, lead these people to safety, seek out uniformed assistance, retrieve meds, retrieve phone, etc.

    To think that these dogs can’t/don’t have the training that a guide dog has….well, that is just wrong.

    I train in basic obedience, a min. of 200 hours, in advanced obedience/task training a min of 250 hours(closer to 300 hours). Team training takes 10 to 14 days. My clients have to be recertified yearly, and are required to continue in a group obedience class and present the certificate to me within 6 months of placement, or they loose the dog.

    All my dogs are specifically chosen for their gentleness(no aggression issues allowed)

    I do agree that MD’s are too lax in their writing of “presciptions”. I do believe that there should be neutral 3rd party certification of all service dogs, including program dogs(guide dogs as well—-I have had, in the past 2 guide dogs attack my dogs without reason….BTW, the organization that trained those dogs, said “Well, you don’t really need your dog, just leave it at home” Excuse me? I have MS and need my dog)

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