CTAP to Provide Jitterbug Cell Phones in Select Counties

3 Easy Steps
Apply Today!

1. Live in or near the cities of Fresno,
Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego,
San Francisco, or Santa Ana.
2. Be CTAP-certified as blind, low
vision, mobility-disabled, or
cognitively-disabled, and
California LifeLine eligible.
3. Complete a Wireless Technology
Pilot Program User Agreement.

Need more information?
Call 1-866-845-8761 (Voice)
1-866-271-1540 (TTY)

Visit: http://www.ddtp.org/CTAP/brochures_and_publications/default.asp

Call for accessible applications or email: wirelessinfo@ddtp.org

CTAP provides the Jitterbug equipment at no cost, monthly service charges apply.
Limited availability–Respond now!

One thought on “CTAP to Provide Jitterbug Cell Phones in Select Counties”

  1. my dad, 93 years old, is 3/4 blind and very sharp mentally. He would love a cell phone that is easier to navigate than the one he currently has.
    Was wondering if he would be eligible for a Jitterbug.


    Clint Davis

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