Next Biz@9 – Mon, June 1, 9 AM — P.S. Your Personality Is Showing

Do You
* Find it difficult to get employment?
* Seem to never get that promotion or raise?
* Have difficulty in developing new and long-term friendships?
* Experience challenges in working with others?
* Feel like no one will lend you money or help you with your business?
* Believe your disability is preventing you from getting ahead?
* Wonder why you can’t get clients or customers …or raise money?
* Find yourself financially broke, with no relief in sight?

“P.S. Your Personality Is (Probably) Showing”

Attend the next (Free) “Biz @ 9” Meeting
Monday, June 1, 2009 . 9 AM to 11:30 AM

For more than 30 years Urban Miyares has been teaching executives, entrepreneurs and sales professionals how their personality dictates their image, and is the single, most important factor to start and grow a successful sales or business career, develop a wealth in friendships, and reach goals.

It’s not who you know that’s important. It’s who knows YOU and what they think about YOU that counts.

You don’t want to miss “P.S. Your Personality Is (Probably) Showing,” a mini-version of this most-popular workshop being presented at the next “Biz @ 9” Meeting on Monday, June 1…

* Find what your real personality type is, as seen by others.

* Learn when and how to change your personality, to become a winner.

* Be able to predict the personality of others.

* Avoid those weak personality traits that force you to procrastinate, get annoyed easy, embarrass your self, make bad decisions, partner with the wrong people, quit easily, project a negative and non-confident image to others.

* Identify why some people just seem to get all the luck, get ahead in the workplace and business, attract new customers/clients, are introduced to all the right opportunities and people, are continually motivated, and seemingly easily get ahead in life.

This “Biz @ 9” Meeting is especially for the vocational rehabilitation specialist, the unemployed or enterprising person with a disability, and those who are seeking personal improvement to change their course in life.

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“P.S. Your Personality Is (Probably) Showing”

“Biz @ 9” Meeting, Monday, June 1, 2009
9 AM to 11:30 AM

San Diego State University – Interwork Institute
3590 Camino del Rio North
San Diego, CA 92108

Now in its fourth year, “Biz @ 9” is a monthly, free, business introductory presentation on various self-employment topics for vocational rehabilitation specialists, career development counselors, business advisors /consultants, educators, and their clients, consumers, and students. “Biz @ 9” is supported by San Diego State University – Interwork Institute and the Disabled Businesspersons Association as an educational program. CRC credits available.