Opaque, Dining in the Dark, Needs Temporary Servers

Opaque, LLC
557 Grove Street
San Francisco
CA 94102
Tel: (310) 546 -7619
Email: jobs@opaque-events.com

Opaque, LLC, is the organizer of California’s first and only ‘dining in the dark’ dining event. We also engage in dining in the dark special events in various cities around the US. The unusual concept of dining in a dark environment with the goal to heighten the remaining four senses is originating from Europe, and has enjoyed great success. This recurring upscale event in California is taking place in at the Hyatt West Hollywood Hotel every Saturday. The food is served by blind or visually impaired servers.

Title of the Position: Dining Room Attendant/ Server
City of Job: San Francisco / Ritz Carlton Hotel
Years of Experience required: None
Event/Job Date: One time event on 04/22/2009
Starting Wage: $ 10/h
Duration: One time event only
Hours to be worked: 3 h
Hours of paid training: 5 – 8 h (approx. total hours 8-12)
Education required: None
Place of Interview: yet to be announced
How to apply: call (310) 895 4217 or email to jobs@opaque-events.com.
How many positions available: 25.

Job Summary:
We are looking for, open minded and enthusiastic blind or visual impaired individuals who are going to handle the serving process of the food in the dark dining room, as well as providing guidance to the sighted guests in the lightless environment. The main task will be to bring the food and drinks on carts to the tables.

We need your help temporarily for one big fundraising event. Employment beyond those one time events might be possible for the regular events depending on availability and performance.

Special Requirements:
Applicants should be blind or have some degree of visual impairment that makes them being used to moving in a space without totally relying on their visual perception, in a comfortable and free way.

Job duties:
Providing guidance and assurance to dinners and make them have unique and comfortable experience in the dark environment, as well as serving the food.

Other Requirements:
Good social skills, tidy appearance and fun character.

Job Advantages:
To work at a unique, trendy, and upscale event that will expose the blind world to the public.
Good opportunity to earn some extra money for students or any others, on a weekend or after school, for stuff you always wanted to buy or the next trip to wherever you wanna go.

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