National Telecommuting Institute

National Telecommuting Institute (NTI) is a unique educational/job-matching organization pioneering the development of telework jobs for Americans with disabilities. NTI staff bring together employers who have agreed to “go virtual,” advanced communications technology and vocational rehabilitation agencies to enable individuals with disabilities to train for and work online in environments that are more easily accessible to them.

NTI prepares qualified individuals with disabilities primarily for work as customer service representatives, but also as technical support agents and medical transcriptionists. Equipped with voice and computer connections, NTI employees have provided service for customers of organizations and companies such as the Internal Revenue Service and AAA Roadside Assistance.

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  1. I received a telephone call this morning regarding NTI and was told about the NTI website and the 800 number to call. It was Saturday and I opted to wait until Monday to call, but went rght to work entering the sight and copying the relevant material that I felt would be helpful to my Worksource Navigator, which I found out for myself on the internet. I do not blame my worker for not telling me about it as we will meet for the first time this coming Thursday. I have copied all the material that would lead the Work Source Navigator through the steps to help me with this program if it is one that the State of Oregon recognizes and uses. I understand that they are contracted through the State Vocational Rehabilitation Department.

    Furthermore I filled out the application and applied online and will here from them in 10 to 14 days according to the application. I created a resume and submitted it online with the application. I have tried many ways to work from home and have always hit dead ends. Well I will see what else I can do to go any further with this and hope to receive any help in getting me a job that I could do on the computer at home. Anyone may feel free to contact me at my email address of My name is Jerry M. Cserepes. I look forward to hearing what anyone else has experienced through NTI.

    1. Jerry,

      Thanks for your update! I look forward to other blog readers sharing details about their paths to new careers.

      Keep us posted!

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