Latest Senior University Update

All remaining Senior University (Senior Action Network) classes scheduled for SFPD Taraval have been canceled, including the March 2 class.

The public speaking training segment originally scheduled for February 16 has been rescheduled.

The new date and location is:
March 2, 9:30 am to 12:00 pm
Mission Creek Community, 225 Berry Street

Cantonese translation will be provided.
LightHouse for the Blind will be training participants to speak at community and neighborhood meetings regarding the hazards of obstructed sidewalks.

For each assigned speaking engagement, presenters will earn $50.

Mission Creek was chosen because a number of seniors living there
have friends and relatives who live in the Sunset District.
By March 6, Senior Action Network will update everyone on the Senior University classes scheduled for the remaining fiscal year.
Thank you for your time and patience.
Pi Ra
Senior University Director
Senior Action Network
965 Mission St. #705
San Francisco, CA 94103
415-546-2096 work
415-225-2080 cell