Youth Music Academy

Enchanted Hills Camp has paired up with Mr. Bill McCann, who is the founder and president of Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology. Bill McCann has pioneered this specialized music academy in Canada and in the U.S. The Music Academy is for blind and visually impaired musicians between the ages of 16 to 24 years old who are serious about music and those who are or might be thinking of entering the profession. This academy will introduce you to new ways to write down your own music, read the works of others, and generally gain the capacity necessary to compete for and win employment in the music field.

For musicians ages 18 and over that are participating in the Music Academy, we invite you to stay on for the extended section of or Music Academy program. The extended program will commence August 13 and end August 16 and will be held in San Francisco at LightHouse for the Blind. We will shuttle those qualifying participants to LightHouse for the Blind from the Enchanted Hills Camp. We will also provide a shuttle service to the SFO airport at the end of the program on August 16. Please contact Program Coordinator, Taccarra Burrell at for more details.

$300.00 Session Fee

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