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Wish List

Enchanted Hills Camp is always updating its facilities and improving the services it offers. Because of the sheer size of the grounds (311 acres), there are always ample opportunities to help Camp out with donations of goods and items that can help us make EHC more comfortable, appealing and affordable for everyone!

Current Wish List Items

  • Non-plastic outdoor furniture. for outside cabins and rec rooms
  • Large flower pots or planters.
  • Big benches.
  • Vita MIX blender
  • Small tractor (Kubota type) with bush hog (more necessary than riding mower)
  • Outdoor industrial luggage carts (or marine dock carts) with big wheels and a super cart for laundry (outdoor transport of linens)
  • Industrial Washer and Drier for Cabins
  • Flatbed trailer car hauler style
  • Leather working tools
  • Blacksmithing tools
  • Small engine repair tools
  • Cement mixer
  • Platform tents to fit our platforms.
  • Large industrial floor mats in good condition only
  • Industrial floor buffer for kitchen
  • Solar panels for pool
  • Stand up paddle boards with paddles
  • Fiberglass ladders
  • Chain saws