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TMAP 2.0: Seeking a Web Developer Who Loves Maps

In 2006, we set an ambitious goal: to make on-demand, user-centered tactile maps for blind pedestrians and connoisseurs of the environment. The LightHouse and Smith-Kettlewell Institute joined forces to start TMAP (Tactile Map Automated Production), a way to make tactile street maps readily available to blind pedestrians for the places they cared about most

Ten years later, we now have the resources to reinvigorate the TMAP project at LightHouse. In an ongoing partnership with SKI, we are beginning work on TMAP2.0 – the next generation of digital tools for producing high-quality tactile street maps to help people with visual disabilities navigate new neighborhoods. We are interested in discussing this project with developers who have strong skills and experience in developing apps and web sites that use digital maps and geographical data. If you are such a developer, or if you are interested in learning more about this unique project, please contact Scott Blanks at sblanks@lighthouse-sf.org.