Volunteer painting with student

Community Services

Exploring nature, cultural and art events, lunch with friends, yoga, dances, healthy and active living workshops; these are just a few of the social and recreational opportunities the LightHouse provides to students throughout the year.

Our community services programming allows people of all ages the chance to connect with other blind or visually impaired individuals who are also eager to lead adventurous and active lifestyles.

Whether they are kayaking along San Francisco’s coast or cross-country skiing high above Lake Tahoe, LightHouse students are constant proof that the inability to see in no way correlates with an inability to live life to the fullest.

Our new Community Service offerings at 1155 Market Street and beyond also include:

  • Arts and craft programs
  • Night and weekend classes and events
  • Yoga and exercise opportunities in our new accessible fitness center
  • “The Business of Blindness” with Mike Cole, a regular weekly daytime coffee hour

The best way to stay up-to-date on what is going on at and around the LightHouse is to be added to our weekly email list. You can do so by contacting Beth Berenson at bberenson@lighthouse-sf.org.

Alternatively, many of our community events will appear on our calendar.