Getting Started

An Information and Resources professional is happy to assist you. Please call 1-888-400-8933 or email to become the newest member of the LightHouse family.

Blind & Low Vision Training Classes

At the LightHouse, we realize that being blind or visually impaired is just one dimension of the many facets of the human condition. We know that people can continue to remain active and vibrant as they age and learn to adjust to declining vision. From white cane training to cooking classes and adaptive technology tutorials, the LightHouse strives to offer a wide array of opportunities for clients to strengthen their independence.

Employment Immersion Program

The Employment Immersion Program allows blind and visually impaired individuals the opportunity to remove their disability from the employment equation, allowing one’s skill-set, ambition and professionalism to be the deciding factors when seeking employment.

Enchanted Hills Camp

Rose Resnick founded Enchanted Hills Camp in 1950 not only to provide blind and visually impaired children and youth a peaceful place to relax during the summer months, but also as a forum in which to connect with one another and enhance their independence. While this tradition continues during our annual summer camping season, we now offer various retreats and seminars that allow us to enjoy this site high atop Mount Veeder throughout the year.

Deaf-blind Program

The Deaf-blind Program provides training, resources and support to persons who are both vision and hearing impaired. The goal of the program is to ensure that deaf-blind individuals have access to information and the skills needed to live independent and productive lives.

Low Vision Clinic

The LightHouse, in partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Optometry, offers low vision examinations each Friday at our San Francisco office. This service includes an hour-and-a-half-long low vision evaluation by Dr. Marlena Chu and a follow-up visit with a LightHouse Rehabilitation Training Specialist.

Community Services

Our organization strives to fulfill the need for blind and visually impaired individuals of all ages to learn, connect and thrive. We provide a variety of educational opportunities that expand horizons and enrich quality of life.