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A mother and father hold their daughter on their laps, smiling.

Family Camp: June 8 – 11, July 6 – 9, August 2 – 5

Family Camps are offered to families with visually impaired children ages 17 and under, and to visually impaired parents with children ages 17 and under. The sessions are for immediate family members only. Camp activities include swimming, horseback riding, crafts, games, nature studies, parent discussion groups, and evening activities such as the family talent show.

Family Camp I: June 8 – 11

Family Camp II: July 6 – 9

[This session does not have any cabins available. Room is ONLY available for placements in the Lodge, usually for families of 2-3 people. When all spaces in this session has been filled, we will accept applications from families that are willing to stay in the Lower Camp, which has a more rustic feel. (Please call for descriptions of lower camp before applying to assess your family’s compatibility to this space). When applying, please indicate in the note section that you will be staying in lower camp.]

Family Camp III: August 2 – 5

$175 per Adult
$150 per First Time Adult Attendee
$75 per Child under the age of 18
No charge for Children under 18 with visual impairments
No charge for Children under the age of 5

Apply for Family Camp:

*For Family Camp submissions, please submit a separate Health Disclosure Form for each Family Member participating:

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