A mother and father hold their daughter on their laps, smiling.

Family Camp I and II

Family Camp I: July 5 to July 8 (This session is now closed! Please contact the EHC Program Coordinator at 415-694-7310 to inquire about waitlist.)

Family Camp II: August 1 to August 4 (This session is now closed!)

Family Camps are offered to families with visually impaired children ages 17 and under, and to visually impaired parents with children ages 17 and under. The sessions are for immediate family members only. Camp activities include swimming, horseback riding, crafts, games, nature studies, parent discussion groups and evening activities such as the family talent show.

$175 per Adult
$150 per First Time Adult Attendee
$75 per Child under the age of 18
No charge for Children under 18 with visual impairments
No charge for Children under the age of 5