An EHC contractor walks down the hill in front of what is left of the pool house.

Donate to Fire Relief at Enchanted Hills Camp

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Four teens, two boys and two girls, are pictured in the swimming pool, smiling as they sit on the steps and on pool noodles

For 67 years, Mount Veeder has been our home away from home. For those of us who have been attending camp our entire lives, for two or even three generations, we know that Enchanted Hills Camp is not just a cabin, a dining hall, or even a theater in the redwoods. It’s a place where blind campers and their families can play, roam and grow. Since 1950, we have been building camp not just with wood and nails, but with our combined spirit and passion for fun, companionship and independence, regardless of level of vision.

In the aftermath of the California wildfires, we want to reassure our campers that despite significant damage to Enchanted Hills, this spirit will continue.

Wildfire destroyed almost 29 of our our lower camp structures in the redwoods, including the 10 cabins that have housed hundreds of summer campers and counselors every year since 1950. These are the temporary and in some cases permanent homes of camp employees, retreat guests and the many blind and visually impaired people for whom EHC has become a treasured sanctuary. We will not allow this natural disaster to damage our resolve to provide that sanctuary every year for years to come. In order to rebuild, though, we need your support.

Now, more than ever, Enchanted Hills needs your support and donations.

No amount is too small or insignificant, and every dollar donated will go to ensuring that the coming years will bring new growth and opportunity for our home away from home. Donate below or contact Jennifer Sachs at 415-694-7333 or and tell her you want to help “Rebuild EHC” to learn more about providing dedicated funds to rebuild and re-open camp to the public.

Volunteers will be essential in our efforts to build a strong EHC for our community and future generations of campers. We will need your support starting in late Winter and early Spring 2018. If you’re interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at EHC, contact our Volunteer Department at