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Students as a Deaf Blind Session communicate in sign language

Deafblind Session: August 14 – 18

Deafblind Camp session is designed for active adults 21 years and older, who are deaf/hard of hearing and blind/visually impaired. Traditional camp activities include swimming, horseback riding, hiking, arts and crafts, and recreation. Nighttime program highlights include dancing to loud music, games and social. 

$100 CA State resident and $150 Out of State

Deaf Blind Session Application 2017

What is SSP?  

Support Service Providers (SSPs) are specially trained professionals who enable people who have both vision and hearing losses to access their environments and make informed decisions. SSPs provide them with visual and environmental information, sighted guide services, and communication accessibility. Here at EHC, SSP guides the deafblind campers throughout the day with fun activities, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, a day away from camp and social. We offer free SSP training the night before camp begins, Sunday, August 13th. 

SSP/Volunteers – No charge for food and lodging in exchange for guide/work

EHC Deafblind Volunteer Application

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