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Happy New Year and — Happy World Braille Day!

The LightHouse wishes everyone a Happy World Braille Day. It is celebrated globally every year on January 4.

Write to us and tell us how to you will celebrate. What is the first Braille book you read? What is the longest Braille book you’ve read? Who out there writes poetry in Braille? Send us your stories in the comments section below.

LightHouse Event: Mega Self-Defense Workshops December 19, 2009

Hello Everyone,

We are officially kicking off the Mega Self Defense Program at the LightHouse. This series of workshops was developed specifically for people with a visual impairment. How would you ensure your safety from an attacker if you are unable to get away swiftly? What laws and issues affect and protect you? Learn the physical techniques and discuss topics that pertain to you and your safety. Check out the attached flyer or the information below.

Come to the next workshop on Saturday December 19th from 3pm to 6pm



Mega Self-Defense Workshops

The LightHouse is proud to host The Mega Program: Self-Defense for the Visually Impaired. This program was developed specifically for the visually impaired. It began in London, England, and has been featured on the BBC radio program InTouch. Every workshop will cover physical techniques along with discussion of laws and self-defense theory that specifically affect the blind/visually impaired community.

The series of workshops will cover:

Threat Recognition – Mental State – Body Posturing – Tonal Indication

Substance Abuse – Threat Analysis – How serious is the threat?

Threat Response – The Law – Common Sense in self-defense

Involvements with the police – Witness Statement

Recording an Incident – How do people perceive you?

How do you want people to perceive you?

Principles of aggressive behavior – Physical self-defense techniques

Next Workshop:

When: Saturday, December 19th, 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Where: The LightHouse, 214 Van Ness Avenue

Cost: There is a suggested donation of $5

For more info contact Philip from the LightHouse.
Call 415-694-7372 or

LightHouse Saturday Yoga: Balance and Energy II

Saturday Yoga: Balance and Energy II

This month we continue with a second workshop on balance, energy, and the chakras.  Learn and practice Pranayama, the science of yoga breath control. Nancy and Gabbriella Yates guide you through exercises that improve the flow of oxygen to the body and brain. Learn to balance the Seven Chakras. Balance of these energy centers improves your emotional, psychological, and physical health.

Everyone will be able to participate in this workshop!

When: Saturday, December 12th, 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Where: The LightHouse: 214 Van Ness Avenue between Hayes and Grove Streets. Near Civic Center BART and MUNI

A suggested donation of $5 is asked.

Sign up with Philip from the LightHouse

Call 415-694-7372 or



Job Opening at the LightHouse: Transition Employment Coordinator

Transition Employment Coordinator


The Transition Employment Coordinator is responsible for general supervision of client employment services involving Work Adjustment/On-The-Job Training funding through the California Department of Rehabilitation. Assist clients by training them in appropriate work-related skills, attitudes, and behaviors, to eliminate behaviors that have been identified as barriers to employment. Assist the client in understanding the meaning, value and demands of work. Work behaviors and attitudes, personal characteristics and functional capacities required for employment are developed and emphasized. The Purpose of this position is to act as an advocate, educator, coach and role model for blind and visually impaired program participants. This position requires collaboration with all LightHouse departments and community partners able to provide employment opportunities.

As employees, we should:
• Read, understand, and adhere to all Agency policies and procedures.
• Conduct ourselves in a professional manner on and off the job, knowing that we are representatives of LightHouse.
• Perform all job responsibilities.
• Maintain a positive and respectful attitude toward everyone.
• Communicate regularly and appropriately with our supervisors and colleagues within our own departments
• Demonstrate efficient time management and the ability to prioritize our work loads
• Consistently report to work on time and ready to begin performing our assigned duties and responsibilities.
• Work productively.

Education or equivalent: B.A. in business, human services, social services or
related field or comparable experience (see below).

Experience: Three years experience in teaching educational and/or supervision of adults in an employment setting. Experience working with the visually impaired preferred. PC user, particularly skilled in MS Office Suite applications.

Other: Bilingual (Spanish, Cantonese, Russian or ASL) preferred.

•Responsible for the oversight of Department of Rehabilitation clients receiving training including: participant recruitment, reports, timesheets, case-management, workshop designs and community networking.
• Teach and lead activities and classes as developed and assigned.
• Coordinate summer Business Enterprises Program/ Youth Employment Program (BEP-YEP).
• Coordinate Annual Transition Summit at Enchanted Hills Camp.
• Collaborate with Department of Rehabilitation on employment services.
• Development of new programs to meet the needs of participants.
• Attend agency staff meetings.
• Maintain consumer confidentiality and record documentation.
• Participate in new client orientation.
• Support and implement the policies and philosophy of the program and Agency.
• Monitor daily attendance.
• Maintain and update participant files.
• Take leadership in working collaboratively, on behalf of participants, in relationship with inter and intra-agency partnerships.
• Conduct Client Program Evaluations.
• Assist in referral and placement of interns into employment settings.
• Other duties as assigned

Equal opportunity to all regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability, religious or political affiliation, age, or sexual orientation.

Submit resume and cover letter to

Scenes from Lighthouse Holiday Bazaar

Every year, the LightHouse hosts a Holiday Bazaar which inckudes donated second-hand items as well as arts and crafts made by the LightHouse community. Proceeds from the gift fair benefit the LightHouse Education and Recreation program. Festivities during the bazaar inckude turkey dinner, raffles, performances by LightHouse musicians and much laughter.

Check out these photos and description by Theresa Navarro, our Community Services Coordinator.

One of the most delightful moments at this year’s Holiday Bazaar was when Sook Hee and Bappin’s*  son Navin spent some time with Ed Rec participant, Mike Roth, who is 101 years old. Check out these 2 photos, they’re sure to make you smile! Descriptions are below.


Photo 1: A huge smile stretches across an elderly gentleman’s wrinkled face, as his cheek touches the smooth, pink cheek of a young baby who’s eyes are wide and lips are pursed. The elderly gentleman’s eyes are gleaming with an expression of pure joy.

Photo 2: A young baby with a smile on his face puts his hand into the mouth of an elderly gentleman with white hair. The gentleman is holding his mouth open, and his eyes are happy. Perhaps it was a smirk on little Navin’s face?

Mike’s jolly laughter when playing with Navin surely added to the wonderful spirit at the event.


*LH Deaf-Blind Coordinator and Helen Keller National Center representative.

LightHouse Trainee Positions Now Available

The LightHouse is looking for candidates to fill traineeship positions for the Spring 2010 semester. Our goal is to develop your professional skills and help you learn new ones in an experience that will help you reach your employment goal in the future.

A potential trainee must be blind/visually impaired, and working with the California Department of Rehabilitation with an open case with a Rehab Counselor. We are looking for people who are self-motivated, hard-working, and punctual. A variety of positions are available in many of our different departments. We hope to find the one that best fits you!

Please contact Philip Kum at the LightHouse by e-nail: or by phone: (415) 694-7372. Please pass this on to whoever you might think may be interested.

Thank you!!

Philip Kum

LightHouse Tech Seminars features Build Your Own Website! December 4th.

Build Your Own Website!
December 4, 2009
Panel Presentations: 1–3 p.m. PDST
214 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102

Want to promote your business online? Maybe you are a job seeker who needs to really stand out on the internet. Why not create a site to post your résumé and highlight your skills? Maybe you are an artist seeking to create a snazzy online niche for your portfolio? If so, come to our quarterly tech seminar to get the lowdown on hosting, coding and designing your own website! Website owners looking to enhance accessibility are very welcome!

You can participate through one of the following:

•    Tune in to live audio stream on our website.
•    Dial in with our telephone conferencing service.
•    Attend in person and get the most out of live demos!

The LightHouse is wheelchair accessible. Accommodations are available upon request.

RSVP at 1-888-400-8933 or Conference call and live stream instructions will be provided.

Changes to MUNI service starts December 5th, 2009

As of December 5th, 2009, there will be several changes to MUNI service. From the SFMTA site:

Letter to Customers

November 6, 2009

Dear SFMTA Customer:

Due to the global recession that has exacted a particularly heavy toll in California and our City, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) had to take a number of difficult actions to close a $129 million deficit in the current fiscal year operating budget. These actions include service changes on more than half of Muni’s bus routes and one rail line which take effect on Saturday, December 5.

While some of the changes entail discontinued routes and route segments, and reduced frequencies on lightly used services, we are pleased to report that many of the changes mean expanded hours, route extensions and more frequent and faster service for residents and visitors. We also want to underscore that these changes were meticulously planned using the wealth of data on the Muni system that was generated and analyzed over the past two years as part of the Transit Effectiveness Project—the first comprehensive assessment and evaluation of Muni service in a generation.

As we are all so acutely aware, a debilitating scenario of fare increases and services cuts is taking place across the nation as transit systems confront inescapable economic realities. Here in San Francisco we are exceedingly fortunate in being able to balance service reductions on lesser-used routes with new and expanded service levels along the busiest corridors in the City. Our ability to accomplish this during these dire economic times is the direct result of a strong and productive working relationship with the Office of Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors whose leadership continues to define our unique, Transit First City.

Details about the December 5 service changes are set forth in the attached brochure which features maps illustrating the changes as well as nearby Muni service available to transit customers. This brochure will be available to customers on Muni vehicles and at other locations throughout the City. It is currently posted at [on this page] and customers can also call 311 and 511. Moreover, we will field SFMTA Ambassadors at major transfer points, many other transit stops and on Muni vehicles later this month and into December to assist customers in adjusting to the changes. SFMTA staff are available to meet with groups to discuss the service changes and to provide advice on trip planning by calling or e-mailing Judy Tam at 415.701.4557 or

Despite these difficult times and the specter of continuing budget challenges, we want to assure you that all 5,000 of us at the SFMTA remain fully committed to and focused on providing safe, reliable Muni service to all in San Francisco who avail themselves of this vital, green mode.

Tom Nolan
SFMTA Board of Directors

Nathaniel P. Ford Sr.
Executive Director/CEO

Service Changes Overview

Your Muni System Is Changing December 5 – Know Your Options
On Saturday, December 5, 2009, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which operates Muni, will implement significant transit route and schedule changes affecting over half of Muni’s existing bus routes and one rail line.

The package of service changes include:

* Discontinued routes and route segments
* Extended and modified routes
* Changes to service hours and frequencies*
* Modified express zones
* Renumbered routes
* Identification of other Muni service that is near changing routes or lines

* Peak period refers to weekday morning and evening rush hour service, approximately 7 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. The last bus departures listed for routes are for weekdays.

For planning and assistance in other languages, please call 311.  Trip planning assistance for Muni and other transit systems in the Bay Area is available by calling 511 or going online at

For details by route, go to