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World of Sex: All About Condoms – For Young Adults

This month’s World of Sex workshop is titled “All about Condoms”, and is exclusively for young adults who are blind or have low vision. If you want to learn more about both internal and external condoms (also known as male and female condoms) join the LightHouse’s Sexual Health Services Program Coordinator Laura Millar, MPH, M.A. for this informative workshop.

Who: Young adults (ages 16 to 25) who are blind or have low vision. (Please note that individuals younger than 18 will require parental permission to attend.)
When: Saturday, November 12th, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.
Where: LightHouse Building, 1155 Market St., 10th Floor, San Francisco, 94103
Cost: Free to attend

Preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy are two important reasons to practice safer sex. But did you know that many people do not know how to use condoms correctly? Don’t put yourself or your partner(s) at risk; come learn the facts and join us for this experiential hands on workshop designed specifically to address the needs of young adults who are blind or low vision.

This workshop will explain the differences between the external and internal condom, and how to use them correctly and with confidence. We will also debunk some of the myths, and misconceptions around condom usage; explore some of the common mistakes that decrease condom effectiveness; learn how to negotiate condom usage, and so much more. The workshop is hands-on in nature and will include interactive games and exercises that simulate real life scenarios. This learning experience will help ensure that all participants leave the workshop confident knowing how to apply condoms correctly, as well as to advocate for the usage of condoms if they so desire.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Laura Millar via e-mail at or telephone 415-694-7345.

Save the Date – December Workshop for Adults 18 and Over on Thursday, December 8 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
For December’s World of Sex Workshop as we are joined by educators from the store Good Vibrations. Whether you want to learn more about self-exploration or ways to pleasure your partner, this will be one workshop you do not want to miss. We will be discussing the body’s erogenous zones and ways to include props or sex toys into your intimate relationships.

If you have other topics you would like to propose for the World of Sex series, or ideas about how to be more involved with this series please contact Laura Millar via e-mail at or telephone 415-694-7345.

About the Workshop Leader
Laura Millar is LightHouse Program Coordinator for Sexual Health Services. Legally blind herself with a Master of Public Health as well as a Masters in Sexuality Studies, she will be conducting research that examines how individuals with vision loss learn about and navigate the world of dating, sex and intimate relationships. In this role she will be offering workshops, trainings and in-services for individuals who are blind or have low vision, their family members and the organizations that serve them, ensuring that sexual health information and services are comprehensive, inclusive and accessible for everyone.

The LightHouse is pleased to be in a unique position to expand its services in this area. We know that for many, just talking about sex and sexual health can make many people feel uncomfortable. For people experiencing vision loss and the professionals that serve them, navigating these sensitive conversations poses its own unique set of challenges. Laura is here to help make those conversations a little easier for everyone. If you have questions about Laura’s role, the work she will be doing, or would like to talk to her please feel free to e-mail her at or call her at 415-694-7345. She would love to hear from you.