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Adaptations Product of the Month: Talking Infrared Thermometer

A cooking aid for those who are blind or have low vision, and a handy assistive tool for just about anyone. The Brooks Technology Talking Infrared Thermometer is now available at our Adaptations Store at our new headquarters in San Francisco.

Talking Infrared Thermometer This unique tool allows people to measure temperature at a distance, with uses as varied as adjusting zone heating in your house to checking the heat of simmering oil. Simply point the device in the direction of the source of warmth or cold and press the button. You will hear the thermometer announce the temperature in a loud clear voice.

Features of the thermometer include: 

  • Measures minus 70 to 380 Centigrade (minus 94 to 716 Farenheit)
  • Has a unique SCAN mode with slow to fast beeping to locate heat source
  • Speaks in 3 languages: English, Spanish or French
  • Has built-in talking instructions

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The Talking Infrared Thermometer is available now for $119.00 plus tax. Stop by the LightHouse Adaptations store for a demonstration of this fascinating new product.

Adaptations is located at our new headquarters at 1155 Market St., 10th Floor, in San Francisco. We are open Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call us at (415) 694-7301 or email us at with any questions.